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am i a victim of overzealous cleaning?
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Author am i a victim of overzealous cleaning?
i recieved a lovel asys vca in the mail today -but when deboxed it was looking absolutelybrand new and had a distinct solventy/oily/chemically smell reminiscent of wd40.

every pot is so loose i can near blow them around - they spin around!

even tho technically theres nothing 'wrong', i'm used to asys stuff feeling smooth and buttery...

sir stony
Sounds like the thing was literally flooded!
If you could get some info about what stuff was used, you could decide what to do. Some chemicals just don't belong there, even if they may help at first.
Personally, I would probably ask for a discount and exchange the pots for new ones. But de-soldering is trickier than soldering, and if you overstretch yourself and wreck the pcb, well... just because it is possible doesn't mean anyone can do it safely.

if new pots are necessary i'll just pop it into the asys guys in cornwall to be done proper - is cheap for me as i'm nearby
sir stony
I know that "healthy" tuner (pot) refreshing chems can have that effect, too. The grease in the shaft is diluted to a thin oil, but after a while (can be a few days, maybe a couple of weeks) the grease will regain a more solid texture, and the pot should return to a smooth feeling, turning lightly, but not loose. As long as everything works as it should and you don't feel up to servicing that yourself, you can just give it a week or two and see how it turns out. Of course, on a synth, knobs that are really easily turned by accident are undesirable...
the guy got back to me and said he'd used deoxit so i guess i'll give it regular igglins and see how it progress over the course of a few weeks...

thnx for thoughts smile
There are several flavors of Deoxit. If the pots were saturated with a straight cleaner like D5, there may be no lubricant left. You can refresh it with F5 or F100.
ahhh - thats good to know - much thnx smile
Exercise and pray.
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