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Question about ancient opcode studio 3 and midi setup
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Author Question about ancient opcode studio 3 and midi setup
I found an opcode studio 3 at a thrift store some time ago. Until then I used to daisy chain two synths and one rack synth together and that worked fine for me. Fast forward to now, the number of gear has more than doubled and I'd like to use the studio 3 together with an equally ancient portman 2x4 to gain midi real estate. Problem is both require two midi inputs to use all out/thru ports but I only have one midi in/out cable hooked to my PC's sound card game port (old school style), plus a handful cables to control my gear. What would be the best way to use both the studio3 and portman from only one midi source from the soundcard, and is it possible to connect and use a 2nd gameport-midi harness (daisy chain) to the connector hanging off the 1st one? I would like to do the best with what I have instead of buying more gear and accessories.
PS: The gear I'd like to (inter)connect are: Ensoniq esq1 & vfx-sd, kawai k5, kurzweil k2000r, roland d110, e-mu mophatt, microbrute, microzwerg, paia 9700s, seiko ds250 with ds310 programmer, kawai k1.
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