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A friendly warning to D-1000 owners
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Author A friendly warning to D-1000 owners
For those who want their D-1000 to have this and that: it's possible but it's DAMN EXPENSIVE major surgery. Making the power supply "quieter" means gutting the internal power circuits and replacing them with external isolated brick supplies. Which have to be selected for low noise. The popular Meanwell brick supplies must be avoided, too noisy. Plus a switching module to make the HV for the tubes. Plus added supply filtering--epic amounts. Plus a rat's nest of wiring crammed under the PC board. There is NO SPACE on the top panel so all added jacks and controls must be mounted thru the sides of the toolbox cabinet.

Controlling the resonance requires cramming pots and vactrols and jacks under the PC board, further board surgery, and ANOTHER rat's nest of wiring. There is surprisingly little space in there. The D-1000 was made to be as small and light as possible and NOT to be modded.

This guy wanted "everything"; and he's paying the price. Note the box it was shipped in--he paid the UPS store to slap "HIGH VALUE" and "FRAGILE" all over it, and UPS still tried to crush it. Luckily the machine was well padded and not damaged.

So if anyone out there is thinking "gee mebbe Metasonix can make my precious D-1000 better", I will make you pay for that "privilege". Because I have to do all this shit personally and it's a LOT of finicky work. In tight spaces.

Do us both a favor and buy a D-2000 instead. Okay? Thx

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Mr. Green Funny.....
As I am reading each mod I am thinking(THIS IS GOING TO MAKE IT LIKE A D-2000)
Then..... There it is at the end.....

I don't get it?!?!?!
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