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disting mk4 - dodgy Z knob?
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Author disting mk4 - dodgy Z knob?
Has anyone (or everyone) got this problem too?

I have 2x disting mk4s and they both exhibit this problem

Basically, some areas of the Z knob's range seems to be unstable in the value it's set to; jumping between 2 values in a crazy way. It's registering as if you're moving the knob slightly.

I have 2 power supplies in my case and I've tried plugging it into the other one, and I've also tried it with the module out of the case just to make sure something isn't shorting out.

Here's a video that demonstrates it with the I3 algorithm (Audio Playback V/Oct). There are some samples that I simply can't reliably select without it jumping between the adjacent samples.

Around the 0:30 second mark it starts wigging out.

To be fair there are like, 130 samples in that folder. But I see a similar behaviour with other algorithms, as the display changes as if you keep "knocking" the Z knob

Is this just a limitation of the digital encoder?
The Z knob isn't digital - it's an actual pot. So you're likely seeing the results of the limit of resolution of the analogue->digital conversion.

It could possibly be improved in firmware but really, selecting between 100+ samples on a continuous pot is pushing things a bit.
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