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Free modular album - Wiard, EMS, Blacet
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Author Free modular album - Wiard, EMS, Blacet
I’m celebrating 40 years creating electronic music this year. As part of that I’m releasing “Modular Studies Volume 1” as a free download on Bandcamp. Covering ambient, tone poems about the Large Hadron Collider, reworking of one of Bach’s Chorales, hyperreal sound pictures of local nature reserves, classical electronic experimental and much more. Most of it is Wiard 300 series, a few EMS VCS3 and some Blacet - there are notes against each track.

So don your lab coats and other clichés and head on over to

If you are feeling blue have a listen and remember a frown is just the top part of a sine wave!
Fog Door
Congratulations on your anniversary, that is quite an impressive milestone. I really like the album, I definitely think one or two of the tracks could have been a bit longer, but I understand - they are what they are. I also listened to your Winter Music album, which is excellent, I found myself wishing those tracks were longer too! But that's just my own taste, I like long tracks smile
Eleven Sines... some of these are just beautiful. I like the more experimental and pioneering stuff so this is so fun to listen to.
thanks both!
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