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uO_c/Ornament and Crime micro : Where to start ?
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Author uO_c/Ornament and Crime micro : Where to start ?
Hey guys
Recently saw the Ornament and Crime micro in a vid and i am absolutely in love with it.
Sadly there are no Pcbs in stock..
How/Where can I print my own Pcbs from the gerber files on github ?
Is this project even makeable for someone like me with no electronical background except of building some kits ?
Thanks for help
You can check at pusherman/modular addict for pcbs.

It´s a beginner friendly proyect if you have some experience in TH kits, yeah.

To accomplish it I would recommend you decent tools: chisel tip, no clean flux and some magnification (a headset or microscope). Would be wise to do a SMD practice kit where you solder 100-200 passives first. The only delicate part is the DAC, the rest is easy peasy.

Also a hot air gun in case you have to desolder a chip

Plum audio is working in a thought hole version with the dac presoldered, not sure when it will arrive, maybe in 4-8 weeks nanners
If you're able/want to order from the US I just ordered one from SynthCube.
Pusherman sells the mini O&C pcbs and panels. Not the most beautiful panels, but they are OK. They also have a 1U version.
While most of it is beginner friendly, I'd say that DAC is very much not beginner friendly at all. I've done a lot of 0603 & SOIC stuff, but this DAC tripped me up hard.
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