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Learning the octatrack mk2
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Author Learning the octatrack mk2
I got the octatrack mk2 just before my stroke and have been trying to learn it but can’t find any good video tutorials was curious if anyone had some good resources for getting into this machine? Sorry if this has been answered I looked on here and elektronaughts but haven’t found anything really thanks for any and all help!
Torn n Frayed
Start here;
Jesus I don’t know how I never found him before this is awesome thank you very much
Torn n Frayed wrote:
Start here;


Also the diff between the mk1 and mk2 is just the layout, more buttons etc.

All of the functionality is the same so anything mk1 is still 100% relevant, just the button presses will be different.
Cuckoo also does really good tutorial videos for the Octatrack. Then if you're willing to pay, there's a great course on macprodotcom. it's $30, but you get a very thorough set of videos in return.

I bought one in January, and I'm really starting to love it - brilliant machine.
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