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Noob help - Remote travel setup
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Author Noob help - Remote travel setup
Hi all,

Hoping some people might have an opinion on a travel setup for a newcomer to the modular/synth world.

I am heading to some remote locations from late next week and want to continue with my quest to get my head around some aspects of synthesis.

Please see here my MG' for a my current 104hp setup that I have kind of cobbled together through I think some potential good value second hand purchases and a couple of freebies.

I will not have access to internet and helpful youtube videos (although will download some in advance to my phone perhaps) but will have power, in general , during the day.

My thinking is this :

Single voice , with typical setup of VCA, ADSR, Filter LFO, Clouds because I have it plus it's reverb , a small scope to see what it is going on, basic mixer, a logic module as its something I want to get my head round and some extra DSP for delays etc to keep things interesting.

I'll also be taking a battery powered SQ1 and the Pamelas for some sequencing etc plus two extra modules in the Radio Music and Peaks as to have something to swap in and out for some variety without much more to carry.

Output to a small Bose speaker/headphones

Any thoughts on this as a mobile setup for a starter. Enough to explore for the next 10-12 weeks or so a few hours a day? Anything you think is not needed or overkill, taking up space. I wish I didn't have to take up space with power and ouput but thats the way it is right now.

Thanks for any thoughts and love to the incredible resource of a forum!
Looks quite good to me. Do you have all these modules already? If so, you should probably know if it's enough for keeping you busy a few hours a day for 10-12 weeks ;-)

If you still want to change things my suggestions would be:
- Drop the scope.
- Apparently, the NE xerest pola has a headphones output, so you can probably drop the output module as well. If you still want an output module the new one from befaco is 2hp less and has the same functionality, isn't it? Also, if you go for an output module and don't need the mutes on the mixer you can go with a slimmer mixer like one of the manhattan analog offerings or so.
- For a small system maybe a micro clouds instead of clouds? There are many variants in 8-12hp.
- I would add a noise source. There are endless of options in ~4 hp.

With these suggestions you'll also have a space for the peaks and the radio music. Without the peaks I think you're short on envelopes.

Hope it helps,
Sound advice from Nagasaki45, just would add that unless you need some specific feature from the QuadVCA or the VCADSR you can find much smaller units. e.g. get 2 x 2Hp VCA for 4 VCA in 4Hp and you could also get a couple of 2HP ADSR for 2 envelopes in 4Hp... That's 20Hp replaced by 8... 12 Hp to play with :-)
Thanks both , and sorry for late reply I have been away without internet.

Taken your advice on board and updating as I go and bargains come up.
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