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Disting v4.9: playing samples on trigger
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Author Disting v4.9: playing samples on trigger
I am trying to simply play samples on a trigger. I would like to select the sample with one of the knobs.

I tried "I-1 Audio Playback", but on module startup the sample starts playing automatically.

I set "-retriggerOnSampleChange=0" in a playlist.txt in the sample folder thinking that this might prevent the playback on startup until a trigger comes in, but it still plays the sample on startup.

Should this work? What is the correct mode to use for playing a sample on a trigger?
The playlist setting you want is "-loop=0".
I have that setting in my playlist.txt also. I tried 4.10, but get the same behavior.

This is what playlist.txt looks like:

disting playlist v1

Still, in I-1 mode, when I power up the Disting, the sample starts playing automatically, even though no trigger is applied to the X input.
Could you actually attach the playlist file itself?
os wrote:
Could you actually attach the playlist file itself?

Here you go.

playlist.txt is in a folder called samples together with the file called sample.wav.
That's fine.

I just refreshed my memory of the code. J6 (Multisample Audio Playback) and the Dual modes will work as you expect. The others are inconsistent at the moment, for historical reasons mainly.
Thank you for looking at it.

I think J-8 comes closest to what I envision. Its support for adjustable crossfade, which is very handy.

It would require two changes though:

1. Make playback adhere to retriggerOnSampleChange=0, where also the INITIAL trigger on startup is ignored when the setting is 0. Nothing plays until an explicit signal comes in. That would actually be convenient for all playback modes.

2. Support a TRIGGER on X (e.g. parameter value 4 = Trigger) in addition to a Gate.
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