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Is BSP too good to be true?
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Author Is BSP too good to be true?
Idk Probly
I ask because it was working well for me, running volca Sample over midi (no retrokits) and seq1 & 2 patched to osc1 & 2 on DFAm. Velo & gate patched accordingly. Cleared patterns, so why would melodic sequencers be triggering drum sounds on the Volca? Makes no sense to me.
My best workaround is this:
1. Make sure BSP is powered on.
2. Disconnect patch/midi cables to BSP.
3. Connect OUTs to INs for sync.
4. Use internal sequencers, bypass BSP.
5. Press play on BSP. Watch pretty lights, green yellow and purple. Watch them dance. Look at them shine.
have you set your volca to accept midi only on the specific channel that you want to have sequencing it?
I would advise you to read the Volca Sample's MIDI chart. You would then realise than it uses a midi channel per sound, not a channel for the whole soundkit. Therefore sequences triggering your other synths will play the volca as well. Your BSP is fine and doing its job. What you gotta do is digging into the actual software editor to assign those synths to midi channels the volca sample doesn't use.
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