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Using a Motu 828 mki to output 4cv/4gate
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Author Using a Motu 828 mki to output 4cv/4gate
I was told I could buy a Motu 828 mki and could output 4cv and 4 gate from midi and I was exited and bought one and a firewire card... but now I'm wondering how to do it and can't find anything on it but a post or two saying it is possible.

Does anyone know an explanation or a link to a page that would explain how to use the Motu 828 mki to output 4cv/4gate?

Thanks in advance!

edit: someone said using a program like MAX and outputting DC is how to do it, going to be trying that when it arrives.
I'm doing that with a motu 8A, using bitwig. Bitwig has a HW CV out device that sends DC (or AC) CV to the audio output you choose. Then I'm just using standard insert cables to split the balanced out from the 8a. I just use the ring, but you can actually use both the ring and tip to drive different things - obviously one is the exact inverse of the other though. This setup works really well.
I do this as well,

The outputs on the 828 are DC coupled so can allow low frequency signals which you need for gate /CV.

but you will need a computer programme that outputs DC signals, or will translate MIDI to DC signals.

you can use:
Max/MSP (BEAP library)
Expert sleepers
CV toolkit

Assign the outputs of this programme to your 828 outputs and you should have CV/Gate.

You can use normal Tip & Ring cables but you might get some weirdness that will affect your 828 possibly break it. not recommended.

You can use insert cables to split out Tip & Ring. which is good and you get a output and inverse, but a bit messy as you have 2x cable for every output.

You can use floating ring cables which are the best solution but need to be made up specially although Expert Sleepers make them

My advice is to get 2x insert cables and download Silent Way (Demo), then have a play, OS is good at responding on the ES subforum here and once you get the hang, you can work out which longer term solution is good for you...
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