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Multiple pre-filter inputs in analog polysynths
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Author Multiple pre-filter inputs in analog polysynths
Ivan Petrov
So im already having fun with hybrid synhesizing but want to go more advanced (most possible advanced i suppose).

The question is - what's the best way to mod analog polysynths with channel pre-filter inputs? I google and find only solutions like replacing noise gen input for all channels at once etc. Currently i have Alpha Juno 2 and Korg DW 8000 which both well documented but im so bad at engineering (good at diying with detailed instructions though).

Can more experienced people tell me how to do this proper way? Will some TL084 be enough? Can i copy schematics from various Eurorack DIY inputs? Not sure about signal levels/impendances inside my synths and badly understand how to calculate passive components values to match them.

In general maybe it's better to do some polyphonic PCB from well known mono designs, split the CV's via simple splitter but it'll not be cheaper when i already have 14 channels of good filter/vca (not to say that of sound generation both in AJuno and DW - seems that AJuno's DCO is really NCO/DO). I'm going to do some true poly VCO boards also but it'll again need that pre-filter inputs. So help me to build maybe most powerful poly synth in the world (lol but who knows) - unlimited (at least in sequenced mode) digital sources + VCO's + DCO's.

I'm not sure also about electrical interaction between existing control subsystems in synths and planned DIY components - "magic smoke" is the thing i want least. So i decided to start with sound interfaces -> pre-filter ins.
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