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Sampler recommendation
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Author Sampler recommendation
I am primarily just modular these days but I am wanting to incorporate some sampling in my setup and I am seeking suggestions. Ideally, I want something easy to use, independent of a computer, small and easy to integrate with my modular. I want to make sure I am aware of what is out there. Here is what I am looking at so far:

Volca Sample: pros: small, cheap, CV sync, looks easy to use. cons: seems very beat oriented, Not sure it’s easy to play keyboard style or do longer samples.

OP-1: pros: The sampler looks really easy and full featured with lots of simple recording options, it’s very portable. Cons: I’ve read and heard they can be a pain to interface with other gear, expensive.

Novation Circuit: Pros: compact, feature rich, cheap, looks like I could “play” samples with something like a key step. Cons: I think sampling is daily dependent on a computer and the interface doesn’t appear to be focused on manipulation of samples.

What else should I look at? Anything about the above items I should consider differently?
Obviously the Gotharman littledeformer 3 would be a good choice : it is possible to add Cv/Gate IO if you want it to interact with your modular.

Otherwise you just a get a good sounding stereo sampler, with great (but weird) FX, a sequencer ... actually it is a whole studio in itself.
if you are considering spending that much for an op-1, also consider deluge and akai force. like the ope-1 you get so much more than just a sampler as well.
Note that you can't play the samples chromatically on the circuit, the samples are only for drum tracks and respond to a single midi note. Also, you can't sample on the unit itself (or the volca).

I had a korg microsampler for a while, for the price its hard to beat. can play chromatically, sequence, resample what you're playing etc. the effects are pretty cool too. A shame its not around anymore.
rean1mator wrote:
if you are considering spending that much for an op-1, also consider deluge and akai force. like the ope-1 you get so much more than just a sampler as well.

I’m happy to spend much less but from a monetary perspective I don’t think I would lose much if I resold it. To get a powerful sampler in eurorack, I am probably looking at the ER-301 which isn’t cheap either. I will say the the OP-1 management of samples strikes me as very intuitive and easy to use, which is extremely important to me, I don’t want a clunky interface.
Maybe have a look into the korg electribe sampler and the elektron digitakt. I've never used them but i think they might fit your bill.
Get a few of these?
the OP1 i'd say is *far* from a full featured sampler... it only samples 6 seconds max and has an incredibly clunky way of dealing with and naming presets.

there are very few parameters to alter your sample (a basic ADSR, some loop points and a somewhat decent single LFO)

the OP1 is about the sum of its parts... personally i'd never look at it if i was interested in a full featured sampler.
Yeah, the OP-1 i quick and simple. But sometimes that can be nice too. But maybe don't go for it for the sole sake of a sampler, as I only think it'd be worth it if you uses all aspects of it.

Interfacing is fine (granted you have a UBS to MIDI host naturally); it's just very limited.
Roland sp404
Nice Solaris profile pic.

Elektron Digitakt, if you don’t mind mono.

Pioneer sp16 can be had for cheap if you’re patient on the bay.

Sp404 is a good fun choice.

I have an sp16 and Machinedrum for hardware sampling.

If you don’t mind a sample player, take a look at the Erica Synth sample drum.
That’s next on my list.
Jason Brock
Elektron - the Digitakt and Model:Samples can do really cool things (Octatrack too if your budget goes that high). My favorite thing is to load a longer sample and assign a random LFO to the Sample Start parameter - each hit is then starting at a random place within the waveform. Great for creating some unexpected results.

I bonded more with the Model:Samples because of the easier interface, but the drawback is having to load sounds from a computer instead of sampling directly. It's like a deluxe version of the Volca Sample.
h4ndcrafted wrote:

If you don’t mind a sample player, take a look at the Erica Synth sample drum.

Still pondering different ideas but I am starting to lean this way. I’m contemplating using my iphone to capture and edit samples and then load them to the Erica Sample module.
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