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Pimping D2000
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Author Pimping D2000
I hope this redesign is not offensive to anyone (not even being yellow and all...).

I asked a friend to make a wooden box for my D2000 and when another friend saw the box he offered to paint that and the panel and as he have done some other really nice cases and stuff for my synths before I said yes wink

Here are some pics of the progress so far. The box will get another layer of paint and some lacquer to finish it off and hopefully we will also manage to screen print the panel and then find some knobs that fits the design (suggestions welcome!).

Will post a new pic when its done!

Yes Powder
Noice SlayerBadger!
I'm kind of a sucker for hammerpaint finishes
looks good, you could have asked and I'd send you the FPD file for the panel, then you could order a plain one for painting.

(I've seen so much hammertone paint in the last 20 years....try fixing vintage hifi and old PA gear, you'll get sick of it too.)
Ah, thank you. That would have been great of course! Did not cross my mind to ask unfortunately... Next time

Not so worried about sales value since I am pretty sure this will stay in my studio. I already had it for quite a while and still enjoy it as much as when I got it. Actually my only dedicated drum machine wink

And I love the hammer paint!
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