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OB-MX Roll Call
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Author OB-MX Roll Call
Hi all.

I decided to reach out to Lynx to see if he'd consider updating the firmware for us via crowdfunded support. He didn't say no. There was more to the conversation but I'll keep it at that. He was very nice and was surprised there was interest.

Please either respond to this post or DM me with your contact information if you would be interested in participating in a crowdfunded support of a firmware update. My goal is simple:

Minimum: Get sysex working on the OB-MX
Ideal: Fix the bugs he's mentioned (debug code left in, for example)
Stretch: Implement new things.

I have crossposted this to analogue heaven and other fb groups as well. My initial goal is just to gauge interest and support. So far there has been plenty. I am not promising anything.
I have a 6 voice. Lack of sysex hasn’t caused me any issue but I’d probably update if a crowdsourced update was available.
I've got a 2 voice.

Lack of sysex has also not been a big issue for me, but lack of voice cards has.

Would likely be interested in updating though.
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