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Any interesting 2U projects with CV/Gate?
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Author Any interesting 2U projects with CV/Gate?
I'm looking for a 2U DIY project to finish out a 33U rack that I have. It doesn't need to be a sound module (i.e. can be a CV processor) but needs to be patchable on the front for CV/gate/etc.

My original plan for this rack was to have 30U of Frac, a 2U Wiard 311C (dual joystick/dual JAG), and a 1U surge protector w/power switch. But that 2U Wiard unit isn't gonna happen, or if it does, it won't be in that rack (I have two Wiard joysticks & a JAG). Currently I have 24U of Frac, 3U of Euro (for a Klee + Dalek + Vulcan), and the surge protector. So the question is... do I add another 6U Frac rack & move the surge protector to the back, or add a 3U Frac rack & some 2U thing? (Personally I'd prefer to have the surge protector & switch on the front, so I'm leaning towards the latter and thus making this thread...)

I know the Mattson stuff is 2U, but I don't know if it can fit in a standard rack, and last I checked it doesn't appear to be currently available as DIY.

There's also the PAiA Fatman, which I wouldn't mind building, but that seems a bit basic & simplistic against this 30U of Frac + Klee goodness.

Anything else? Thanks!

EDIT: for some reason I'd always thought that the Fatman had CV/Gate inputs - but turns out they are outputs! Bummer.
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