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Can ES3 output midi sync?
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Author Can ES3 output midi sync?
with one of those 3.5mm -> midi cables?

or do you need the es5/esx8md?
You need the ES-5 or ESX-8MD.
Ok thanks -

Is the only advantage of the ESx8md that you don't need the adaptor cables? I presume in other respects the ES5 is more flexible since it can be used for additional CV gates?

I have a couple of 3.5mm ->midi adapters - eg the one I got with my o-coast. Will they work with the ES5 or do I need the expert sleepers one?

Out of interest how does Sync + Run work over single ES5 output? I notice my adapters have a stereo 3.5mm cable, does the ES5 have stereo outputs? one side for sync and the other for run?

Or am I mis-understanding how midi-sync works?

Cheers, Tom
The advantage of the ESX-8MD is that it outputs a 'true' MIDI signal. The ES-5/adaptor cable solution isn't strictly speaking correct according to the MIDI spec, though it does work for most MIDI devices. The 8MD works for all.

I don't know how other MIDI adaptors are wired. The ES-5 has mono (TS) outputs so any MIDI adaptor with a TRS jack is not going to work.

I suggest you google MIDI and MIDI clock and read up on how it works!
Do you know if the ES5 is known to work fine with Elekron gear?

Can the ESX-8MD connect directly to the ES3 or do you need the ES5 for the ESX8-MD anyway?
I don't know about ES-5/Elektron.

It also depends on sample rate. The ES-5 generally works at 48kHz - it's at 44.1kHz that it sometimes doesn't.

You need the ES-5 to connect the ESX-8MD to the ES-3.
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