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Small angled desktop stand for Mackie 1202?
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Author Small angled desktop stand for Mackie 1202?
Hi All-- I'm using a Mackie 1202VLZ mixer with my little desktop studio, and I'm hoping to find a small but sturdy stand that will help keep it at a pleasant angle, and also keep it above the height of my Lyra 8, which I'd like to have in front of it... something along the lines of the things 3DWaves makes for desktop synths. If you have a suggestion, or if you're using anything for a similar task, I'd love to hear about it... I could always build one, but I'm feeling lazy Dead Banana
I don't have those items but try looking at laptop stands? Maybe something like this one?
crawling wind
Ikea has really cheap stands, like $2 or something. If I find a link, I'll add it.

Look here:
Those are both great ideas, thanks.
Crane make some very sturdy laptop stands for the dj community that can be found second hand.
My 1402 is fine on one and is fairly heavy. Little bit of wobble if slamming the faders quickly but no concerns that it might collapse.
Having lots of space underneath is great. Effect pedal there for perspective

Sorry image rotate not working
Technologear? wrote:

Sorry image rotate not working
I don't know if this is always the case but I've found before that if I upload an image with the wrong rotation the first time, I can't upload it again but with the correct rotation unless I first rename the image to something different first. Probably something in the site coding to keep multiple copies of the same image from taking up unnecessary space? and any new upload is skipped if it already exists and the first one is just used? hmmm..... seriously, i just don't get it
Different viewers seem to interpret rotation differently or not at all. It’s really annoying. I eliminate it by opening in edit, rotate appropriately, save as bmp, then resave as jpg. Saving as bmp eliminates embedded rotation so what you see is the actual picture.
I went with that Ikea stand... $15 shipped, and the height looks to be exactly perfect. And if I'm not happy with it, I can always just use it for its original purpose.
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