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changing Stages LED behavior
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Author changing Stages LED behavior
I really love my (factory) Stages except for one little thing that's really big to me - I hate the rhythmic fading of the mode LEDs when a segment is looping. They fade in and out on their own clock which is unrelated to anything, and I find it really distracting.

I was lamenting this and thinking what other modules I could get when I remembered... oh yeah... it's open source, I can just change it!

So! Has anyone messed with the Stages firmware that might have some suggestions on where to start? I've done this kind of thing before but not with mutable stuff, I'm not much of a coder but I've always been able to learn enough to make changes to existing code.
I did find a thread on the Mutable forum with alternate firmware designed for people with colorblindness; I think that firmware was made officially but at least I know it's possible!

I'm also trying to decide what behavior I want instead. It looks like they're bicolor LEDs with control over brightness so there should be a lot of possibilities, but these are the best options I've come up with:

1. blink in time with segment
2. get dimmer instead of blinking
3. everything is dimmer by default, but they get brighter when looped (this would look better on multi-segment loops)

Any thoughts or points in the right direction are appreciated. :)
First place I'd start is here: g-your-own-firmware-for-mutable-instruments-clouds-a08173cec317
The article is specifically about Clouds BUT the hardware and software setup is very similar if not the same. (I think Stages is programmed via SWD instead of JTAG, but the ST-Link can do both.)

Also, search the forums here for posts about editing Mutable firmware, since a lot of the information about dealing with the Mutable dev environment is transferable.

You can browse the code here:
I'm still at work so I don't have time to look for the part that actually fades the LEDs right now, but if you're somewhat familiar with programming in general, the C++ code shouldn't be too hard to look through to find the right part(s). I'd just search the whole project for "LED" and see what you find. Read the surrounding code and see if anything sounds like a useful class or function. You'll probably have to chase down when the LED functions are called and figure out a bit of a general overview about how the program is structured, to know how to change it effectively. Microcontroller code often is a bit more complex than, say, web app code, since you need to worry about program size and timing and stuff like that to a greater degree than on a modern CPU, so it'll be a bit of work to figure it out but shouldn't be insurmountable.

And if you get part of the way there, and have some more specific questions about the code, I bet some people could help out. There are definitely a few people around here who delve into Mutable Instruments code.
joem wrote:
First place I'd start is here:

Thanks, this is a huge head start, especially the first link. Cheers!
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