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Erica Synths Mixer II DIY Problem
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Author Erica Synths Mixer II DIY Problem
Hi all,

Just built an Erica Synths Mixer II from their DIY range.

Just plugged it in and had a snap crackle and pop and quickly turned it off then I've noticed a huge crack in the IC.

I solder at work so I hope it's not my soldering and I have double checked my work against the manual for the build:
but it isn't the best.

What I think has happened is the IC was the wrong way round, the manual doesn't state which way it goes and the board has the part number stamped towards me so I matched there to the direction on the component. I don't know how now to find out if that's right or not! Now looking at it, it doesn't even mention putting it in so maybe you don't? I have no idea anymore. I've built a few modules and never had a problem. This is my first Erica Synths and I'm nervous about using them again.

Anyone had anything similar or know who to contact?

Yeah, seems like you put the TL072 in the wrong way around. Don't match the text to the board layout text (they will be opposite in your case), always match the little notch or dot on the op amp (or any IC) to the notched end of your IC socket. Just get a new TL072 and stick it in there the right way and see what happens. You can get a replacement TL072 from here if you need to: piMZZMtOXy69nW9rM5wfe4h9MwciK%252BWhCFMQMZA%3D
Thanks Diode Destroyer, yep, wrong way round, I never knew the dot aligned with the notch on the socket. Learn something new every day!
I've replaced the IC and put it in the correct way round, it turned on without any issues but no sound is travelling through it.

Any suggestions? I'm wondering how much damage is done!

Thanks for all the help so far...

Should say I've checked the two fuse continuities and all are okay...
Pictures of the board? With the IC that was blown, can you check if it's getting the right voltages on the right pins?
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