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Disable MIDI CC Control?
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Author Disable MIDI CC Control?
Is there a way to disable MIDI CC control of the modules?
Would be helpful, since I want to use the CCs for other stuff.

Also, I notice the same controller # mapped to different items in VC and AC Encoder - what happens when you are using both, and you send for example CC 2, which is Gate Open Voltage on VC, but is also Enable Left on AC encoder?

Looks messy - would be very nice to have an Off switch for one or the other, or both.
The only way to disable the plugins' MIDI response is with a script. A blank text file named midi.lua in the appropriate place override the midi behaviour with nothing. See the manual or recent posts on this forum for more on scripting.

Each plugin responds indepentally to midi.

I would expect your DAW to provide a means of routing or muting midi to plugins so disabling the midi response wouldn't be necessary.
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