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Antumbra’s dist build issue(s?)
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Author Antumbra’s dist build issue(s?)
Hi there!
I tried building the dist as my first smd build and of course something is wrong..
to describe as best as I can how I it went :
I did everything with a soldering iron (I know I know i’ll Buy a hot air station as soon as possible),
Some resistors are 0805 In stand of 0604,
I didn’t ordered the C2 so I replaced it with a tht I had in stock
The dist lets audio through In bypass mode but nothing when activating the dist,
I switched the germanium diodes with red led after a friends advice,
I cleaned completely it with isopropanol,
I looked for shorts and fried components but all is well,
Here are some pics for you to see. I really need help at this point I don’t know what to do next
Are you missing D1? In that first picture it looks like a diode is missing.
Actually no it’s the germanium diode that I replaced with red leds, i’ve Soldered them backwards they don’t show on that side of the board
Orientation of those LEDs possibly? Maybe doing it backwards got mixed up.
I’ll check as soon as I can, but wouldn’t that screw only one of the two distortion circuits ?
so i've checked and the red leds i've put are in the correct orientation so that's not it either
Hi, according to the DIST schematics, the only way you can have signal through in bypass mode and have nothing when you engage diodes is that your switch shortens the signal to the ground.
I could insert here the schematics - but being not sure about copyrights and copylefts - you can have a look at it on the github.

in addition - this is the link :
Either your soldering is wrong or one switch is faulty.

On a second thought - your replacement C2 may be a culprit - the opamp works with a reference ground point from resistors R5 and R6, and it is +6V. If you used a polarized capacitor as your replacement this could be a reason for DIST not working.
well i did not use a polarized capacitor, but another developement occured :
before i had signal flowing through at least to the aop inputs.. i've chanaged the aop because when troubleshooting with a friend (at distance) we came to the conclusion it was the aop that was fried, but now it's changed the signal won't even go through C2..... i am so lost
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