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Multimeter suggestions?
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Author Multimeter suggestions?
I have (somehow) successfully completed 3 DIY modules (one being an O_C).

I have been in the market for a multimeter and I was wondering if anybody had any recommendations for something in the $150 ballpark.

My understanding is that it needs to be pretty precise to calibrate the O_C properly (and, WOW, does it need it! help )


P.s. I have tried looking through a bunch of the posts for the answer but searching on "multimeter" in a DIY forum is, well...
Reality Checkpoint
Fluke 113. Bombproof and accurate. You pay a bit extra for the name, but in my experience it is worth it.
Fluke meters are definitely the best. Quite expensive, but worth it if you use one everyday at work. There are also less expensive options such as Amprobe that are also quite good.
Fluke 115. Well worth it. I use mine to calibrate O&C's, no complaints yet.

Protip: look on ebay, you can probably find a nearly new one for half the price.
Fluke are good, but unfortunately neither the 113 or 115 are precise enough to optimally calibrate an o_c - looking up the specs they are both 6000 count multimeters. Ideally you want a 40,000 count or greater multimeter.
Obviously, both can be used to calibrate it but you won’t have the most precise module....

Have a look at the spec sheets yourself and the o_c calibration page. To see just how much precision you lose is very easy to calculate for worse case scenarios..... then make up your own mind It wasnt at all acceptable to me - I use a Brymen Bm869s. Again - check out the reviews and look at the specs. I’m happy with mine.

You’ll struggle to find accurate and precise multimeters that can calibrate o_c at the price you are looking at though but the brymen 867s may be found at that price??
Check out EVblog and if you like reviews Joe Smith on youtube.


After watching the Joe Smith reviews I went for a CEM DT-9919

review of the CEM DT-9939 (wireless version)here:
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