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Realistic / Moog MG-1 rotary potentiometers
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Author Realistic / Moog MG-1 rotary potentiometers

Picked up a Realistic MG-1 and am sorting it out - per internet searches, it was full of rotted foam, which I've removed. Unfortunately, it was so bad that it's corroded pretty much all the metal - not only the inside of the case (which I had to sand down and respray), but all the pots, switches, and sliders, too.

I have new sliders on order, but I've not seen a source for the potentiometers - I can clean them up, but they're both ~40 years old and cheap-feeling anyway. Is there a good replacement part out there?


I'm envious - I wanted one of those so badly back in the day.

Can you identify the pots? Value? Taper? Part #? Odds are very high you can still buy substitutes, unless they're some wacky thing with multiple gangs, taps, etc.
Thanks! I didn't identify the pots, so I've desoldered them, cleaned them up with a 3M pad, and relubed them.

I've done the same with the switches - they're still obtainable, but pretty expensive at this point. The corrosion is still evident, though - is there anything I should/can do before putting them back? I'm worried about rust, and it also seems a shame to have an otherwise clean synth - even if you won't see them...
I brought back an MG-1's faders and switches by dumping them in a CLR/water mixture overnight, then a rinse off in isopropyl, then a total saturated spray down with DeoxIT in a ziplock bag -- leaving them in there for a few days to really soak in the lubricant. They work fine now.
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