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"veils" channel issue
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Author "veils" channel issue
ok, it's not Veils, but the dual channel version of it, DVCA by Antumbra, but functionally they are the same. out of the three i built, one has an issue with channel one. CV input seems really low on it, indicated by the LED and passing audio signal through it. Pot 1 attenuation is almost nonexistent but it is present. the whole channel seems heavily attenuated. Channel two functions fine decoupled, but shows the same issue when passing the signal from channel one.

Any pointers to where i should be looking at? could it be one of the op-amps on the CV side? one of the channels on the CoolAudio ICs? What should i be seeing on the inputs/outputs in the chain?
i know i should be looking here.
the other two are working fine, i just got greedy, (can't have too many VCAs, right?)

Thank you!

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