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Ciat voltages w other devices
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Author Ciat voltages w other devices
Perhaps this has been discussed before without my knowledge but im looking to buy a sidrax and was wondering if I could patch the device with other devices (such as lorre mill and bugbrand). I know some have been weary of negative voltages which is why I am curious. I know my chirper tends to produce a bipolar osc output and I was wondering if that would be damaging to the precious sidrax?

I tend to think this would be fine since Ive actually seen sid users using pot scrubbers on bares which tends to be a very messy (and wonderful) way of modulating everything and anything.

Thanks In advance. Just wondering how crazy I can get with the sid without hurting it.
I used to feed BugBrand oscillators to the my Tetrax inputs with no problem. I think issues come when you take the voltage below 0.

Ciat Lonbarde instrument float around +4.5v right?

Bugbrand oscillators have a 10v swing swing from +5v to -5v, so really you're just taking the CL instrument up to 9/10v and down to 0/-1v.

I have also fed BugBrand envelopes (10v range from 0 to +10v) into a Tetrax and had no issues, your experience may vary though as technically that's taking the input voltage above the 12v power supply which is never recommended.
the negative voltage we're often talking about is the pulse of brown androgynous nodes of plumbutter (or rollz5 or rolzer etc. I'm not sure about older instruments than current CL lineup), I think. Don't trust me, tho razz

I have no problem with sidrax and doubleknot.
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