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Free Synth VST Plugins?
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Author Free Synth VST Plugins?
Hey everyone,

So, I've looking for some free synth VSTs to spruce up my audio tracks/mix but cannot find a decent list of VSTs for the life of me. Can anyone recommend me some great free Synth VSTs? Thanks!
You'll probably have better luck in the software section of the forum:

My advice is to download NI's Reaktor Player and maybe Kontakt player
if you want sampling as well. IMO, it's the best free vst solution.
Couldn't find the plugs on that forum link. I was actually looking for a big list of sorts to save some time.

Anyway, I did a google search and found this list of some 40 free synths:

Some of them are quite good tbh while there are a few that are pretty old. Also, aren't NI Kontakt instruments different from VSTs?
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You Tube is good place to start - just search for free vst synths and watch the reviews
Anyway, I did a google search and found this list of some 40 free synths:

I assume you are on Windows...if you are pretty much lists everything that's free out there I think, including 64bit. There is also a lot of sh** vst's to wade though as well. hihi You'll have to look a bit harder for 64 bit though. If you go that route, the plug-in's are my favorites. I love the spectral formant synth scrooo. They also come with manuals! w00t

I still suggest Reaktor player and be done with it for free stuff, you just won't find a better sounding *free* vst than NI's Reaktor, but that's just an opinion. It covers the main synthesis types (analog/fm/wavetable) Plus, you can *build* what you want too..sure, there is a learning curve but you it's worth it. Not 100% on Kontakt as a vst plug w/o time limits...

Download Native Access and everything will be there for you to install. cool
Some random 'top of the head' thoughts

KVR forum, I'm sure they have a best free VST thread....
Bedroom producers blog also good for freebie lists
Full Bucket Music has a bucketload of free VST synth plugins, mac and win versions of almost all, ranging from emulations of the full Korg PS series to his own designs, including a modular system.
From that list I can recommend trying the u-he Tyrell N6. It's a nice low cpu strain synth but sounds quite good actually and quick to program. If you wanna dig deeper there's a good blog that's dedicated to free plugins
Hi Gatsby,

Check out the Noize Retro from us. It's an envelope controlled Noise generating plugin.

It's free when you sign up for an account with us from the very bottom of the plugin page.

If you want to know how the plugin works, you can check out the video for the 'Noize' plugin. It's a simplified version of this plugin with a unique noise type.

Extensive list here, sorted by popularity with KVR forum members, shows Windows/Mac compatibility and plug in format: ns/audio-units/aax-plugins/rack-extensions/instruments/free/most-popul ar
Uhe Zebralette

Obscure but fun to use on VST4free:
Morfiki MassTurboTar

UFO zone Atmospheres - this is a funny one, it's mostly two different (editable) synth sounds paired up, mostly for textural work - some are sublime
Synth 1 is one of the most highly regarded free vst synths out there:

Also, green oak crystal
Awesome free (or donation) Reaktor instruments that are not in the normal community repository:
SB-SIX ree-subtractiveva-polyphonic-synthesizer-vstau-plugins/

The PG-8X is insanely good.
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