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Quatrax Grand Organ
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Author Quatrax Grand Organ
numan7 wrote:
Quatrax Organ

The Quatrax Organ shall be a new device in the summer of 2019. It has 14 tunable barres and three master knobs: pitch, timbre, and chaos. Order now to get on the waitlist. Orders shall be filled in the order they were received, when it becomes available.

quite excitedd about this! it appears that pb demo'd it at a workshop in berlin sometime earlier this year. anyone seen one yet?

:edit: thanks for the instalink, southphillysynths!

That's GOT TO BE great!! No where I can afford now ahhhhh Dead Banana Dead Banana Dead Banana Dead Banana

"TIMBRE" !!!! Dead Banana Dead Banana Dead Banana

I was dreaming about getting tetrax+sidrax (saw the photo of somebody's somewhere) in the future. but now I gotta hear how Quatrax's timbre sounds!!
Seems Awesome! For people that have already sidrax or tetrax, having one of each has to be close to having this...

Looks to be basically 4 tetrax! Still super beautiful though
Thanks for the pic link. That's LOOONG Mr. Green

Interesting how timbre works - sidrax is triangle base and guess this is not having saw, then different from tetrax.. I've been wishing my sidrax had another waveform since ever, tho. (so now choosing a Quatrax or Sid+Tet (well if peter would kindly build one at request) is a tough choice Mr. Green )
i wonder if quatrax's timbre knob will start with a sine at fully ccw and shape it into a triangle at the mid-point and then a saw at fully cw... or perhaps ramp/reverse-saw to triangle to saw... then you would be able to go from sid to tet (and in between) - as well as "anti-tet" to sid (which would be a bit like getting a new color for painting).

either way, it will be great being able to play one of these alongside the traditional fixed-timbre cl organ instruments.

I notice there are now three green banana jacks per row.. anybody know the secret?

Also, hello. This is my first post here and looking forward to contributing to the CL pages in the future.

I'm also interested in the new green jacks... timbre and new green, so enticing.

I play my sidrax more than before and always want more barrs. Let me someday get the monster we're not worthy

btw today I accidentally found hair dryer's air can play my sidrax!
I blow on mine to get extended tones cool
Why no sound demos of quatrax yet? Did peter demo anything?

Hoping for an official release soon even though it is out of my price range at the moment.
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