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Diode Superladder Filter Build in Modcan A Format
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Author Diode Superladder Filter Build in Modcan A Format
Hi, all: I've started a build of the Diode Superladder filter in Modcan A/Cynthia format, since I was able to get hold of a Cynthia panel for this filter circuit. It turns out, though, that this panel was likely designed for an earlier version of this filter. I'd like to break out the 4 pole, 1 pole and BP outputs in order to wire them as per the panel (see photo), but, even looking at the schematic, it's not clear where the best pick off points would be for these outputs, assuming that this is possible with the currnet issue of the circuit. I suppose I could simply wire the mix output to one of the output jacks, and put dummy jacks in just to cover the holes, and wire up one of the CV controls for Shape CV. Any other ideas? Thanks, Jim
There was a Cynthia version of the DSL? I can't ever remember that. That's not to say there wasn't one but I can't remember one.

Sadly, the current version of the TSL and DSL (which is from 2010) doesn't support the separate triple outputs by default. However, I think you can make the outputs needed - see below. More of a problem is that the current DSL doesn't support the ENV input which your panel has and there is no easy way to add that. The panel doesn't have space for the 4/5 pole switch either so it may be best just to build the 4 pole version ie, SW1 is left unconnected.

For the triple outputs:

Make C24 and C27 both 2.2uF, 50V polyester. You won't be needing the shape pot so replace that with two 47K resistors, one resistor going from one of the pot's end solder pads and to the middle solder pad, and the other resistor going from the other end solder pad to the middle pad. Both resistors will therefore be joining together in the middle pad. The DSL's main output is now your BP output.

The 4 pole output is obtained from the bottom solder pad of the shape pot. Use a 1K resistor to connect that pad to your 4P LP out banana socket. The one pole output is obtained from the top solder pad of the shape pot. Again use a 1K resistor to connect that to the 1P LP out banana socket.

I'd be tempted to make a new panel.

Thanks, Tony! This is very helpful. In fact, except for the added 1K resistors (and the cap. value changes), this is pretty much where I figured could be the pick off points. I was already planning on just sticking to 4 pole rather than bothering with a switch, and I figured on making the envelope input just an exp. CV input. Also wasn't concerned about the res. CV, which I rarely use even if available. I'd love to make a new panel, but my design skills aren't up to it yet, since I'd kind of like to keep the same font, graphics, etc. BTW, I think this was probably sort of a prototype panel, rather than a complete module that Cynthia ever marketed. Cheers, Jim
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