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Cable holders for thinner 3.5mm cables?
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Author Cable holders for thinner 3.5mm cables?
Searched for ‘cable holders’ for a bit and didn’t find a solution, so I thought a new thread might be appropriate. I love the Modular Addict Skinny Eurorack Patch Cables. They’re rubbery, don’t tangle as easily, don’t kink at all (!) and they definitely make it easier to reach into a crowded 12u system and adjust things. Unfortunately, they are so thin, they fall through my cable holders! I’ve got one of the older Control cable holders, and another general 3.5mm one, maybe from Perfect Circuit.
Does anyone have any advice or solutions to organizing thinner cables? Anyone else experience this? Are the Nazca noodles, etc. also thin? Thx!
Not sure how skinny you’re going but here’s what I use:
Ears wrote:
Not sure how skinny you’re going but here’s what I use:

Just what I was going to say. Mr. Green

I have a couple similar. They use them in labs - in my place of work we have machines that aren't unlike modular synths in how they're configured, and they have shit-tons of cables that they need to store in a handy way. Anyways, the trick is to think beyond the Eurorack label. thumbs up
Yep, the orange Pomona is the one.
Ears wrote:
Not sure how skinny you’re going but here’s what I use:

I’m using Modular Addict’s thin cables, similar to the Nazca noodles. The jack is also thin, which is so great for crowded patches. But they fall through the cable holders from Control, etc. I’ll try the Pomona one. Thanks guys.
The Hex-01 cable hanger works with the skinny modular addict cables (I have both).
The Synthrotek triangular cable holder works with my skinny cables -
If you have a 3d printer I ended up designing a holder specifically for Modular addict cables. Can put up the STL on thingiverse later today if you're interested.
The Hex-01 also works with Nazca noodles. I was worried it might not since they're so skinny but it works perfectly.
Here's another option that probably works with thinner cables: organizer
Despite the note on the page about only gray being available, I ordered a black one, which they said was available. I'm not sure if the other listed colors are available too (pink, orange, white). It's going to replace my small Ladik freebie holder that's overflowing with all my cables.

Btw, if you have a 3D printer, you can print the same holder:
I have 2 of the Pomona test lead holders, they seem to work for all cables I have.

Another source is Ladik.

Ladik eurorack

Just order a module or two and a cute little plastic cable holder comes with it for free.

I can confirm the orange Pomona holder works fine with the MA skinny cables.
For those into that classic Metasonix yellow look, this would be perfect: cool
I’ve successfully narrowed some slots in a pomona rack designed for 1/4 in cables to hold various test leads. I glued a strip of styrene across half the slots, then recut them to the width needed.
Does anyone know if the Synthrotek Cable Holder 27 can hold Nazca Noodles, or are the Noodles' jacks too skinny to stay racked?
sutekina bipu-on
i only use the ones you get with ladik orders and have them driled into all the tables near my eurorack case lol
I use Hair picks:

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