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Please I want Metasonix news for 2019
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Author Please I want Metasonix news for 2019
Tube Tentacles
I recognize that my life is a real rubbish and that my passion is the valves. But there is something that makes me suffer every year and I can not sleep thinking about it. What surprise will Metasonix give us this year?
I've asked the bank for money and I have plenty left over. But I want to book it well. It is possible that I do not receive any clue or answer about what I want to know. But Eric, I want to know if you have something in mind for this year and what you can look like, please. Rk7? F3? D3000? S3000? TX4?
sorry, been extremely busy lately and it is delaying any new products.

(doesn't help that "certain dealers" owe us some money, we need the money to stay alive, etc. Lack of cash prevents new product development because PC boards and front panels are costly. Can't say more without getting abuse...)
Tube Tentacles
I´m sorry to hear that :(
I hope everything is solved soon and Metasonix continues to surprise us.
stereo F1
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