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Please I want Metasonix news for 2019
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Author Please I want Metasonix news for 2019
Tube Tentacles
I recognize that my life is a real rubbish and that my passion is the valves. But there is something that makes me suffer every year and I can not sleep thinking about it. What surprise will Metasonix give us this year?
I've asked the bank for money and I have plenty left over. But I want to book it well. It is possible that I do not receive any clue or answer about what I want to know. But Eric, I want to know if you have something in mind for this year and what you can look like, please. Rk7? F3? D3000? S3000? TX4?
sorry, been extremely busy lately and it is delaying any new products.

(doesn't help that "certain dealers" owe us some money, we need the money to stay alive, etc. Lack of cash prevents new product development because PC boards and front panels are costly. Can't say more without getting abuse...)
Tube Tentacles
I´m sorry to hear that :(
I hope everything is solved soon and Metasonix continues to surprise us.
stereo F1
Some news? Try this:

The latest shipment of 34063 chips was defective. This has happened before with ST-made chips and now it's TI-made production. The bad ones before would not make +HV without blowing up, this batch works fine for HV but blows up if asked to make -5v. This is in a circuit design we've used with no other problems since 2013.

Not making it up. I have ordered more ST chips plus some that are branded "JRC" but came from god knows where. Isn't this FUN? Is this not wacky and silly? I would return the bad ones to Mouser for a refund but they refuse to take them back...

The happy little fun will delay further D-2000 shipments. Sorry.
please release some more shirts man, i dont mean economincal bargain shirts either. Nice elitist limited-edition over priced shirts. If supreme can do it, why not you?

Simple small offset graphics like the Fart Amp opening pic in the manual of the Tx2, or this from the Tm7:

(tshirt that include 2xl and 3xl, small people really dont matter)
is that new spring reverb unit in the plans? if so, any info on it?
I'm working on four D-2000s then on another project. Thanks for reminding me, will try to get it ready for 2020. (This will be loads more expensive than the old R56, don't yell at me please.)
Where do the four d2000goes .?? To Europe or they will sell in your area ?
metasonix wrote:
I'm working on four D-2000s then on another project. Thanks for reminding me, will try to get it ready for 2020. (This will be loads more expensive than the old R56, don't yell at me please.)

any prototype or specs? or drawing or anything else to show?

will it be a module , or a racked unit or desktop?

thumbs up
Please. Stop.

We are working on products. It is HELLLLL. Breadboard it and fight for weeks to make it work (sometimes it never does and we have to try something else), then fight to lay out a PC board. Then struggle to fix the errors on the board, because there's no "engineering staff" to help. I am getting old and this is getting ever more difficult.

All this because we aren't doing the sleazy routine perfected by most current Euro makers, and ripping off old designs by someone else. No "prior art" in tubes means we are really INNOVATING. All the time. This current project has been going for MORE THAN TWO YEARS and is still nowhere near saleable form. This on top of building and shipping current products.

Pls spare me your complaints about the "lack of news". Thanks.

Fuck's sake, some people need to grow up and learn some patience.

Good work takes time. I'd rather see Eric spend years perfecting a truly distinctive and characterful product; than churn out the same tarted up, re-hashed shovelware so many other modular manufacturers are dumping on the market. I mean, FFS, how many 904 filter and DUSG clones with incomprehensible faceplates do we really need?

(As an aside, I do miss the old blinding yellow faceplates, but too many whiners gotta kill a good thing.)
Yes Powder
Take all the time you need. I don't even have all of the current RK modules I want yet. I'm sure whenever a new one finally comes out, I will be like MY ASS IS BLEEDING and absolutely have to have it.
we're not worthy
Where are the four D-2000s?
Tube Tentacles
ritchiedrums wrote:
Where are the four D-2000s?

One in my home. In Madrid (Spain)
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