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Princeton Reverb
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Author Princeton Reverb
I just bought a 1978 PR. My poor little modular is so lonely, but I know I will get back to it sooner or later. I know, I will run my modular through the Princeton!

I did try one of the Fender reissues, but this one was about the same price and had been checked out, new tubes and an extra speaker, so why not go vintage? I do think this sounds much better than the reissue I tried (silver face, not the black face).

At the same time, this really has to be the best time to buy any new gear. From modular to instruments to amps, not to mention computers and all the cool stuff, there is so much good stuff out there. Trust me, this old guy lived through some dark periods of musical gear quality and selection.
Cool! Princeton's kind of snuck under the radar with me. I'm old enough that when I was first walking into guitar stores the amp selection was basically the line of fender amps at the time, and the ones that lit me up were the champs and twins. I ended up owning several twins. I'm thinking about maybe getting a deluxe reverb, but should probably check out the princeton also.
I picked up a 67 PR last year with a vintage Jensen P10N in it. I love the tone of straight up guitar into the amp and the moderate volume levels. However, I found the 10" Jensen cannot keep up with the dynamics of my stacked digital pedals. The bottom gets farty at a certain point. Today I had a d'oh moment and connected the PR to my old faithful - a mid 70's single 12" Bag End Cab that I mostly use for Baritone and Bass guitar. Normally that speaker (a 70's coffee can magnet EV Alnico SRO) is too stiff for regular guitar playing - but in this application it is perfect. Rolls off the peakiness of the Red Panda and Meris pedals. The PR's pair of 6v6's running at 12+watts distortion into the +/-60 watt full range alnico 12" speaker sounds tight and transparent which is perfect for transmitting the heavily envelop filtered looping signal I am sending it. Looks cool too, David and Goliath.
I lucked into a 1980 PR, and love it, though it leaves something to be desired. I’m currently looking for a replacement for the CTS ceramic, which flubs out on most low notes. Thinking an earlier CTS alnico might do the trick, as I’m looking for early breakup, but something a little more stable! Put in some NOS power tubes too.

Anyone know if preamp tubes in V1 make much difference? Also any advice to get a richer tremolo and reverb? Thinking most of the issue is speaker related at this point.
I have a 68' Princeton non reverb and I looove it. I wanna pick up one of the reverb RI
I'd like a small amp for practicing and recording at home.

Anyone get great results from the Fender Princeton Recording Amp?

Not sure why they decided to drop the tremolo on this model- kinda wanted that and the 'verb.
Great video thanks for posting! thumbs up

sduck wrote:
I forgot I posted this thread. Speaker upgrade is essential. Mine has a Eminence copperhead patriot and there is no comparison to the original speaker (which I also have).
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