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buncha Z3000 demos
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Author buncha Z3000 demos
First post here - hey 'ebody. I'm liking the vibe here...

Hey how's about some fresh off the fryer demos of the Z3000? With the intention of really DEMOnstrating these things.idea Just got 2 of 'em today so here goes.
All 16 bit wav files between 1.2Mb and 4.1MB recorded direct to a Panasonic Ramsa DA7 board into Digital Performer and exported as wavs with nothing else done at all. Recorded REALLY LOUD and unedited unfaded.

The names are pretty explanatory. I bring in a single wave the first few seconds then add the same wave with a second Z3000 purposely detuned a bit. The square wave one ends with manually turning the PWM knob on a single Z3000.

LFO'ing the PWM of one osc:

Sine on sine FM using the FM2 input with the FM knob at the indicated O'clocks and sweeping the modulating oscillator manually low to high, you're hearing the modulated osc only: v av v

Same thing with the Linear input up all the way: av

Square into Linear input square - manually tweaking the FM knob as well as the modulator frequency: ess.wav

Square into square sync, hearing only the one being sync'd:

Same thing into HSM input:

This is definitely my new favorite FM oscillator. I'm very impressed!
My scope is not letting me load shots or I would post that too.
The square wave and saw are perfect as near as I can see. The triangle has a spike at the top of the wave but not the bottom, and the sine is ever so slightly... well the sides are a bit steep and the top is a bit flattened is the best I can say verbally. Ever so slightly more square and less triangly you could say.

Too early to report on anything else, but tracking appears really good so far on both of these and I haven't even calibrated either one. Yay! The 1V/oct output is a GREAT idea IMO.
A home run for $245 US! I will probably buy at least one more if not 2.

let me know if there's any problem with these links, I threw this together on the quick.

Thanks for the more in-depth demonstrations. The links work for me and I'm on an old OS.

The HSM has a very slight comb-filter effect. Odd..
Very nice library of sounds. Makes the lust burn even brighter... I just nail-gunned my wallet shut. Again.
Kent wrote:
Very nice library of sounds. Makes the lust burn even brighter... I just nail-gunned my wallet shut. Again.

hihi If you find nails that work for that let me know!

Thanks for the thanks guys and I hope these are helpful. As far as the HSM input I found out later that it can be used with other waveforms and even program material. If I'd have known that I'd have tried some other things with it. I still don't understand exactly the technical difference between the 2 sync inputs though. The manual covers the digital tuner part and FM in great depth but just a few of sentences about the sync. I'll have to experiment some more and see (half the fun actually). One thing that comes to mind is running guitar into the HSM input - that might be interesting. Does anyone else here know any more about this HSM they can share??

I'm not sure why they're hiding this, as I like to read manuals before purchase myself, as I'm sure some others do, but anyway here's a link if you want to read more:
Lot of info on FM there. I'm an old DX7 programmer and still have a fondness for FM synthesis and those types of sounds. Seems like they built the Z3000 with FM in mind.

For some reason I checked the notify box but I'm not getting notifications of replies here...

Here's a distorted guitar into the Z3000 HSM input.
Guitar>Hughes&Kettner Tubeman>Doepfer Envelope Follower (just for gain) > HSM
Slow Doepfer LFO>FM2 input with FM knob at 9-10 O'Clock
You're hearing just the one oscillator's output, dry. The first clip is from the square wave out and the second is the sine out with a slightly different LFO sweep.
It wouldn't sync at lower osc frequencies (at least with guitar) so I tried to sweep it up higher where it wanted to lock a little more. Kinda reminds me of the Doepfer PLL a bit in that it wants to sync but also wants to fly away at the same time. Glitch fans will probably have some fun with the HSM input.
brandon daniel
Ooh, I bet that would be real hot with a VCA on the back end controlled by an envelope follower driven by the guitar signal!
brandon daniel wrote:
Ooh, I bet that would be real hot with a VCA on the back end controlled by an envelope follower driven by the guitar signal!

hihi Funny! I did exactly that, since it was running through the env follower anyway for a signal boost but I took the VCA off for the demo so you could hear it naked and what the osc freq was in between the guitar. With the VCA it still left a little tail of osc at the end of the notes, which was actually rather cool!
Leisure Cove
The more demos the better I always say-- thanks for posting these!

And welcome!
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