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Chopping kinky diy draws way too much amps
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Author Chopping kinky diy draws way too much amps
Please help,
I just completed the befaco chopping kinky diy kit, i tested for shorts and it was ok. Then i powed it up and blew the fuse of my power supply. I tested the module and it draws 240mA instead of the 65mA it should draw... how should i go about trouble shooting this?
Im pretty nooby with the diy thing, so dummy explanations are very welcome!
The readings on the youranalogue test3 are: +12–> 208mA. -12—> 193mA. +5—> 0 mA

Probably you have a short somewhere (a blob of solder connecting two things that shouldnt be connected), or it could be wrong resistor value somewhere too.

Sorry for not been that helpful, maybe someone can have some more accurate troubleshooting ideas

Maybe you could take off the ICs and recheck the power consumption. It could be a defect IC too
I also found out two of the tl072cp ic’s get rather hot! I checked if they are in the right orientation, the dot is where mark is.
Ill double check for blobs and stuff, but i took extra care for those... well back to the magnifier again...
I narrowed it down to one ic, i removed it and the power consumption is down to 63 mA.
Does this mean it is faulty, or did it break? Or could it be another component close to it?
Measure the voltage at each of the empty pins where you pulled the hot IC.
I did measure one combo with almost 0 resistance. But voltage measurement should be done with power on’ i guess? Its on the controll board, so i dont know how to power and measure at the same time.. i currently only have a simple multymeter for measure duties...
But should all left and right combos of the empty pins always have a resistance?
I checked the next socket with the same chip in it, but the resistance measurements were different from the faulty one, so that didnt help me much.
What khakifridge is saying is to measure voltage at the socket you pulled the IC from, rather than at the IC itself. Look up the datasheet/pinout for the IC and make sure the voltage at each of the socket’s pins matches what is expected.
I did measure the socket, not the ic itself, but i will go ahead and measure the voltage on the sockets in stead of the resitance.

teel us what chips are using and we will tell you what voltages to look for. For a tl072 you may look for +12V at pin 8 and -12v at pin 4 (supposing your main power is +-12v)

11.9 or 12.1 is ok too.
Ok the befaco support helped me out, i placed two ic’s in the wrong place. Shorting one out. I replaced it, and that took care of it!

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