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amp with built-in spring reverb
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Author amp with built-in spring reverb
The Colt 60/120 keyboard amps by Carlsbro seem to have built-in spring reverb. Does anyone have experience with these British amps? Is it a real mechanical spring reverb? Do they sound nice? Are there other good amps out there with built-in spring reverb?
I've never heard of them, and google isn't very helpful. Maybe more informations is needed? What will you be using it for, what kinds of music, budget. etc? There are tons of amps out there with real spring reverbs of various kinds, and also lots with emulations. The wording of Carlsboro's web page is kind of elusive about whether it's the real deal or not.
I'll go check the amp out at a shop and report back. I will be using the amp mostly for home practice and playing with friends. I don't want to spend more than $500. Can you recommend anything?
I wail on a Fender 25R. Only 25 watts but loud. Classic three band EQ, Overdrive, reverb and an Aux Input.

I use it with synths. May not provide huge bass at max. volume, but good low mid and up.

For the price. I bought two. One to use as reverb and the other as a guitar corner amp.
i have been using a fender hot rod deville 212 iv for awhile now and really really like it: od-deville-212-iv/2231100000.html

well made with some thoughtful design improvements - modern-style tube amp packing 2x12 @ 60w. i don't use dirty channel (not its best feature), but run pedals into clean. has a proper spring reverb built in that sounds, well, just like a spring reverb - great value for the money (used even better).

*sorry, i missed the $500 bit... used they are under $700.
Is that an old or new Carlsboro? My bandmate had one and it had real spring reverb - we'd tilt the case and let it bounce back. Nice'n splashy. New models I have no idea.
fender blues jr can be acquired for <$500 and are very highly regarded as well as very common so finding someone to service it will be easier
Just me
I use a Princeton Reverb or Red Stripe Bandit for my spring reverb amps.
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