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A-141 weak output
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Author A-141 weak output
Hello, all. I just recently picked up an A-141 VCADSR and it seems pretty decent. I'm already having a lot of fun with it, but I have noticed that its voltage output is a bit weak in comparison to my System 100M's 140 envelopes.

It's my first Doepfer module and my only envelope generator outside of the 100M. I'm not surprised to find that the output is a bit weaker than the Roland's, but I wonder if there's not a way to increase the range of the envelope.. I see an "OFFSET" trimmer that maybe is set a bit low? I certainly don't want to introduce any unwanted DC, so I won't mess with that without someone's advice. Would it be better to use a VCA or something like that to boost the signal? Can't a man even get a nice, biting envelope sweep anymore?
first of all, what are you modulating with it? Doepfer gear is -2.5 V to +2.5 V (5 VSS) for the LFOs, and from 0 V to +8 V for the ADSRs.

Secondly, do you have a meter so that you can test if that matches your module?
The A141 appears to be putting out just shy of 6 volts, according to my cheapo multimeter. The 100M puts out a hearty 9.75 volts, which produces a much deeper, more satisfying sweep than the 141 when driving the 100M's filter. If I can get the Doepfer putting out 8V I'll be happy.

Another thing I've noticed is that having the Release time all the way down introduces a substantial voltage offset, about 0.2V. Nothing I can't work around, but if it's a matter of calibration I'd like to get it all sorted out.
Are you running a Eurorack system and comparing that to your Roland or using a single Euro ADSR to control your Roland. If the former, the 141 is plenty powerful enough on other Euro gear. If the latter, you maybe should have gone with Frac or other ADSR's that run on 15v. I tried an A-141 to add an extra env to one of my monosynths and it was not up to the task.
what operational voltages does the system 100m use?
just curious if a 180 or 184 keyboard wold output appropriate voltages to use with euro

(sorry.. not meaning to jack the 141 thread.. just thought I'd ask)
Yeah, the main shortcoming with the 141 is driving the 100M's filter. It lacks the bite I'm looking for. Using the 141 with an AS RS-110 produces more pleasing results, but I like the Roland filters better for general synth duties.

I'm still waiting to hear if ~6v is the expected peak voltage for the 141, or if there's something wrong with my module. I certainly wouldn't expect the Doepfer to match the Roland in terms of output, but if was putting out 8 volts that would be sufficient. I'm wondering if I should return or exchange the module.

If I can't/don't return the 141, is there some sort of over-unity gain module out there that I could use to boost the envelope range? Surely there is. Could somebody recommend one?
Another A141 is not going to help. Like I said, I had same problem using it with the filter on my EML 101.

As for boosting the output, I use the Doepfer A-133 to ramp up CV often.
I emailed Doepfer, and the man himself replied with instructions about changing a resistor value (R5, I think) to increase the peak value. I'm still waiting to hear about what value to replace it with to achieve the range I'm looking for, but I'll let you all know how it goes when I do the mod.

That 133 looks pretty handy, too. I'll probably pick one up regardless. Thanks for the recommendation.
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