Some excess Oakley stock for sale (Updated 14/5/20)

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Some excess Oakley stock for sale (Updated 14/5/20)

Post by Synthbuilder » Mon Apr 08, 2019 10:02 am

From time to time I will have some excess stock I'd like to sell. If interested then please get in touch via the usual e-mail.

Complete Oakley System 2 x 10U wide cases

Price is 2300GBP. Shipping will be 50GBP to UK, 80GBP to the EU. Personal collection may also be possible depending on COVID-19 restrictions - I'm based in NW England near Carlisle.


Case 1: midiDAC, VCO Controller, VCO, VCO, SVCO-A, ADSR/VCA, ADSR/VCA
Case 2: VRG, Sample/Slew, VC-LFO, Multimix, Fourmix, COTA, DLF, Overdrive-II, Dual VCA-X, Router

Both 19" steel rack cases are 300mm deep and directly mains powered with standard IEC mains sockets on the rear. The IEC leads will only be included if the buyer is based in the UK.

This system was built by me here at Oakley Sound HQ for my own use and modules vary from around ten years old to less than a year old. The system is in good condition (but not brand new) and fully working. I'm selling this to make way for other projects I'm developing.

More photographs are available on request.

Oakley Sound TM3030 Price is 225GBP. Shipping is 15GBP to UK, 26GBP to EU.


My very own midi controlled 303 clone in a 1U rack. This one was built by me here at Oakley headquarters around five years ago. It is mains powered and includes a very useful overdrive and distortion effect. The unit is fully working and in good condition. There is a small amount of rack rash around the mounting holes. A short (40cm) IEC Mains lead will be provided for UK purchasers.

Various Complete Oakley Modules in Natural Finish Priced individually. Shipping via UPS is 12GBP for UK, 25GBP for EU irrespective of how many modules are ordered.


Each module has a 3mm thick front panel made by Schaeffer in Germany and uses their natural finish with four colours of legending. All modules come with power lead. Mounting screws and washers not provided. All modules are working and are in good condition.

The following modules are currently available:

Journeyman 120GBP
Classic VCA 120GBP
Noise/Filter 120GBP
Flanger/Chorus 160GBP
MOSphaser 120GBP
Deep Equinoxe 140GBP
Sample/Slew 120GBP
Overdrive-II 110GBP

Powered 19" rack case suitable for 10U of MOTM/Oakley modules Price is 195GBP including shipping to UK/EU.


With MOTM rack rails and Oakley PSU on rear aluminium panel. 200mm deep and made from black coated steel. Modules not provided.


In good condition - although there is some scratching around the PSU socket. A Yamaha PA-20 will be provided to UK purchasers but overseas buyers will need to source their own PA-20 or PA-30 from Thomann or other places.

ASV front panel for MOTM format Price is 50GBP

This is used but in excellent condition Scheaffer panel in black with printed white text.


It's just the panel that is available not the whole ASV module. Shipping costs are as usual, 5GBP for UK and 9GBP for elsewhere.

Built and Tested Pre-populated boards

These are pre-populated circuit boards that have been built by me and used to test the designs, or that have been used in my modular. They don't include the socket boards - it's just what you see in the pictures. Shipping costs are as usual, 5GBP for UK and 9GBP for elsewhere.

midiDAC issue 4 - previous issue. Built in 2010. Price is 85GBP

Pots have 6mm knurled shafts but I can supply brass collars if you need them to fit onto 1/4" knobs.


Multimix issue 5 - previous issue. Built in 2017. Price is 60GBP

Pots have 6.25mm (1/4") solid shafts.


ADSR Upgrade issue 2 - current issue. Built in 2018. Price is 40GBP.

Pots have 6.25mm (1/4") solid shafts.


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