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E-RM Multiclock Help
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Author E-RM Multiclock Help

I've read a lot of great reviews about the E-RM Multiclock here and looking for some help from someone who has one smile I might just be setting something up wrong... or maybe it just doesn't work as I expected just sending out midiclock...

I am able to use the midi clock out to control the arpeggiator on my easel. However, I can't use the analogue source to control the Pendulum Ratchet... and I can't use the midi clock out to control my Oakley MidiDAC. The midi out on my DMX drum machine controls these (for example, the internal clock of the DMX drum machine sent out of the DMX seems to send a pulse and the gate fires tapping the time on the mididac when sending out... and my Arturia keystep can do the same... is it because those devices are sending more information than just clock (maybe also sending CV or something more, which those devices are able to better interpret)? Or do I have the settings on my multiclock wrong? Or is something wrong with it?

Thank you for your help in advance!
I found some work arounds to get the multiclock to work with the 5U and Buchla gear, but someone tell me if there is some way easier...

For the 5U... I can send mutliclock to the DMX and then out of DMX to MidiDAC to control the 5U... I guess I just thought a midi to CV/Gate would be able to see midi clock from the multiclock and send it at least as Gate... but I guess if I put a drum machine in front it works...

and I can send Midi from the multiclock into the Buchla Easel and then use the keyboard to control the sequencer, sequencer to control pulser, and then pulser to control the pendulum ratchet to give it the right voltages...

Seems like a lot of work arounds and not simple master clock ease to all things, but maybe it can't be that easy?

Any suggestions on easier ways to clock off the multiclock (or any midiclock in general?)

Thank you again in advance
i'm not sure if i understand completely, the e-rm is the master in your setup?
for analog clock out you need these:
you then need to configure the channel to send analog clock pulses (and reset), you can also divide the clock down so it fits your sequencer or whatever analog gear you have.
i have the multiclock in my studio as masterclock for analog and midi gear and it works perfectly and is ultra stable!

edit: and a few of these to convert from 3.5 jack to 6.3 jack:
You might not need the modular whip plug ?

I have an Multiclock & channel 1 has a 1/4" jack socket out, as well as the MIDI Din ports. I've used this to drive the clock input on my GRP R-24 sequencer perfectly - just needed to tweak some settings.

But I guess it depends how many channels of discrete clocking you need..?
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