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[Mod] Mutable Ears with pots for Env Attack & Release?
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Author [Mod] Mutable Ears with pots for Env Attack & Release?
Would it be possible to mod MI Ears to add 2 more pots, which are wired to (and replace) the jumper circuits to allow variable control over the attack and release times of the envelope follower from the front panel?

The premise of this mod is as follows:

    What I need: 4hp module, 100x gain preamp + envelope follower with env control

    What I don't need: washboardy contact mic razz

Therefore, it seems to me that if I could use the bottom section of the panel to mount the pots, it would be perfect for what I need.

Looking at the module from the side, it uses what looks to be a very short pot for the gain knob, naturally due to the skiff-friendly depth. I had a look at the open source schematics for Ears but I've never done anything like this before so I wasn't able to make much sense of them, beyond finding the jumper locations.

Is the mod I propose feasible, if I don't mind surrendering the contact mic portion of the module/panel (and assuming I can buy the same size pots MI used)? According to the manual, inserting a signal into the In jack disables the contact mic already, so I'd have no problem with the contact mic being permanently disabled (and even doing so as part of this mod, if it helps).

Mockup image attached. Any thoughts/advice are appreciated! nanners
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