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you've got 16 channels, how do you allocate them?
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Author you've got 16 channels, how do you allocate them?
I'm reworking a lot about my live rig and giving serious thought to this. In my particular case my limiting factor is a mixer with 16 channels.

my debate is how many different percussion bits to run with and how many different voices. in the past i've essentially run with two full sets of kick/clap/oh/ch and a couple non-drum percussion things, so the split is 10-6 or 12-4 percussion to voices. i'm doing dance music so it's nice to be able to jump between two different drum kits, but listening back on some of my shows I start to feel like maybe I want to instead have a wider variety of voices at my disposal especially to get more polyphonic stuff happening / have space for more pads and samples.

how do you divide up yours?
Thought about using switches before your mixer? This way you could have 2 sounds into one channel but only using one, when it is done flick the switch to the other voice.
You could then have 32 or even 48 voice options with a three position switch.
I tend to lump similar sounds together in smaller mixers in front of the main mixer, for instance the additional 808 and 909 drum sounds that are not kick, snare of hats can be lumped together, I then use the volume of the actual module to do the bringing in and out, you could as someone else mentioned use switches if you have the room, I've just purchased a couple of the Blue Lantern "Sir Mixalot" modules that have kill switches for each channel which should improve things significantly.
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