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What Amp?
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Author What Amp?

My first post - am very new to all of this but slowly getting up to speed with modular DIY using CD40106, CEM3340, etc.

Really enjoying the learning experience.

So far so good and my breadboard is beeping and purring merrily. I then bought a few LM386 op amps with a view to boosting the output to a monitor speaker. But then it struck me. I have no idea what I'm doing.

- Would the 386 actually work with 9V or +/- 12V (when it arrives next week)?
- Do people generally just plug into a normal hi-fi amp via a 3.5mm socket?
- What is the best setup for someone starting out? I can pick up a second-hand amplifier on eBay for a few quid - is that what I should be doing and not tarting around with 386 op amps?

The 386 is an amplifier (it's not an opamp). Search for a datasheet and you should find answers to your questions. And you should find an example circuit for the 386 that you can plug straight into a speaker. Bear in mind you may have to attenuate your synth signals before they get to the 386.

It's worth hanging around the "Music Tech DIY" subforum for more of this DIY-related stuff.
just adding people usually go through a mixer - external or internal to the modular and then to either headphones, monitor speakers or to a hi-fi, from there

it is also quite common to go internal mixer module -> external mixer -> output

from the sound of it you could do with a bit more general knowledge of modular synthesizers - take a look at the stickies threads in the eurorack forum and here - full of great material
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