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Forbidden Planet sort of Vibe
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Author Forbidden Planet sort of Vibe
YouTube Version in case you want to watch me twiddle Wogglebug knobs: Toxic Entites

This is an ambient sound collage that is rather on the dark side. It is done on my modular synthesizer and has a "Forbidden Planet" sort of feel to it. Be careful not to turn up volume too much, the beginning is rather quiet, but it gets well, toxic, as things progress!

The electronic wind sound and a drone sound is provided by the Mutable Instruments Braids oscillator and Make Noise Telharmonic, both producing sound digitally).

The dancing tones were sine waves provided by the Dual Prismatic Oscillator, which was controlled by a Maths envelope generator and a Wobblebug random voltage generator. All from Make Noise.

Played and recorded live into two track stereo. No overdubs.
Enjoy! (Preferably with the lights off!)
This could be such evocative film music. You definitely captured the Forbidden Planet vibe here. Congratulations on a fine track.

I’ll be in Colombus this weekend playing Bach’s John Passion! Cheers from Pittsburgh.
Thank you very much! At first congregational? I'm free that night, if I get a ticket I'll say hi. Playing continuo?
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