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Introducing Vongon VF-104: a midi controller for Moog MF-104
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Author Introducing Vongon VF-104: a midi controller for Moog MF-104

I wanted to share my stompbox midi controller. This is the first “product” I’ve ever made and I’d love to hear feedback on your perceptions / first thoughts / questions about this device. I’m looking for mentors + friends that like to make music electronics, so hmu! : )

This is a midi controller made to work specifically for the Moogerfooger MF-104 delay pedal. I made a prototype of this device years ago when I was playing guitar in a friends band, some time later, in an extreme spark of luck, Trey Anastasio asked me to build him one for his 2017 summer tour with Phish (thanks Trey!). To be honest, I’m pretty sure Trey didn’t use the pedal very much because I was/am an amateur, but I discovered that I love making stuff for musicians! Below is a youtube link that is a quasi commercial/tutorial about this device. Thanks for looking!

video intro:

Available now at

umma gumma
that is a cool idea!

going to see Trey/Phish in June, I'll keep an eye out for your FX on the stage
Very nice. If I had an M I'd definitely be interested, but mine is a non M 104 delay. wink Big Briar at that... Always meant to grab an M, but not at today's prices. Still... Great idea, and nice design!
Synth Con Meo
That's pretty neat. I actually have (2) MF-104M's. I bought the second one because I got it for such a great price. I'd probably be interested in picking one up a bit later. I have a few other toys to pick up first.

thumbs up
It would be cool to have a lexan overlay for the other M-series of pedals. Something for the Clusterflux comes to mind.
Just finished another batch, 10 more midi controllers available at

This time I also made a version that works for the MF-108 Cluserflux.

VF-104 -> MF-104 Analog Delay:
VF-108 -> MF-108 Cluster Flux:

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