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the homewreck
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Author the homewreck
Tune? a few sprinkles of modular synth, and a few splinters of harpsichord.

a video! YT description below.

armed with vivid fantasies and a smart phone, one can lose touch with reality and ruin everything.

i have found that it is fun to hit record and throw my phone. it doesn't seem to damage it too much.

like my son, the 7 year old who talks throughout this video, i found that my dreams started to alter reality - to the point where something i'd dreamt about for months, maybe years, and longed for, became real and was far more powerful and destructive in my life then i could have imagined when i was merely fantasizing about it.

the phone distorts our reality by allowing us to imagine we have control of an alternate reality. when a dream falls from fantasy into reality, our will that projects fantasies can't actually see the lock that the dream is the key for, and therefore can't see the door, or what it hides.

the harpsichord was an old dream of mine - and one day someone just up and gave me a harpsichord and no one got hurt - at least i don't think so.
Trippy, strange, and original. Love it.
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