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Snakes Around

Post by Shaperone » Sun Apr 14, 2019 12:24 pm

Song by Syntza. Dark Cinematic Soundscapes. Inspired by John Carpenter movies and picture by Shutterstock. Instrument used: Following Eurorack(Synth): Livewire AFG, Frequence Central System X Envelope, Intellijel Design Dr. Octature, Eowave Zone B.F, and Intellijel Design Quad VCA, Erica Synth Pico Multi, SSL Modulation Orgy, Din Sync MODSEQ, DSI Prophet REV2(Synths), DSI Tetra 4(Synth, Bass and Drums), Roland JV-1080(Strings, Synths and Drums), Vermona Mono Lancet `15(Synth), Yamaha EX5R(Drums) and Roland JV-880(Synths, Bass and Drums). EFX used: DSI Prophet REV2, Roland JV-1080, Zoom 9010, Yamaha SPX-990, Yamaha SPX-2000, Digitech Studio Quad V2, DBX DDP and Roland SRV-2000. Sequencer by Akai MPC-2500. Recorded by REAPER software.


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