control guitar pedal with 1010 euroshield 1?

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control guitar pedal with 1010 euroshield 1?

Post by davebot1 » Sun Apr 14, 2019 11:21 pm

Hi there, sorry for the poorly thought out post.

It struck me that it might be possible to use the 1010 Music euroshield 1 to control a guitar pedal.

The pots on a pedal are just attenuators, right? Could you (1) measure the voltage drop while wiggling the pot to get the end points and maybe some extra points to get the curve of the voltage change, then (2) write a small program that takes in a CV signal and outputs some voltage to control a voltage-controlled-attenuator?
Then the pedal audio ins-and-outs would be mounted next to the sheild.

Seems like it would be a shortcut towards incorporating CV into pedals.

Just a thought.

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