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Boundaries Dissolve: Live Set Preparation
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Author Boundaries Dissolve: Live Set Preparation

A video of some practise for a live performance I have next week. Just testing out the elements and planning the arrangement. Playing for 30 mins, which is longer than I have before, so very excited!!

It's in Whitespace, Edinburgh, UK on Thursday 25th April if anyone is interested :-)
going to follow on facebook... because I'd like to hear more of this. Sounds so simple and the progression is so measured and well paced... then i look at your setup and realize, nope that ain't simple at all. NICE!
Thanks very much! Really glad you enjoyed it. In a way it's not crazy complicated, it's more about the interplay between the different voices, which are all fairly simple.

Voices are:
Lifeforms Primary Osc into Polaris
E330 into Humpback
Spectrum into Ripples
Clouds as background atmosphere
Grandpa for field recordings
ChronoBlob and Blackhole DSP for effects

My Facebook music page is:
And will be updated regularly with more music, including recordings of any live performances

This is the audio only:
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