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*VIDEO* Vector Synthesis Morphagene Reel from BRLaser
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Author *VIDEO* Vector Synthesis Morphagene Reel from BRLaser
These sounds have visuals encoded into them at high frequencies.

The Vector Synthesis reel for the Make Noise Morphagene is a collection of different XY samples, to show off Morphagene's stereo sampling capability. The sample material can be displayed on oscilloscopes, modified Vectrex game consoles, ILDA laser displays or oscilloscope simulation software in XY mode. Some splices on the reel can be used as seamless loops.

Here is a video showing a few of the visuals:

The Reel can be downloaded here:

Here is a video demonstration of how to use the Reel:

The collection of vectors was arranged by Bernhard Rasinger and includes vector contributions from artists listed below. An important part of this reel is to put the spotlight on working and performing artists utilizing sound signals to draw images as vector art.

Alberto Novello

Andrew Duff

Bernhard Rasinger

Chris King

Derek Holzer

Douglas Nunn

Hansi Raber

Ivan Marušić Klif

Jerobeam Fenderson

Jonas Bers

Joost Rekveld

Philip Baljeu

Philipp Haffner

Robert Henke

Roland Lioni

Ted Davis

Vector Hack Festival

All of these artists, working in the vector synthesis realm are creating these vectors with a different set of tools. These tools include Pure Data, Max4live, Oscistudio, Axoloti, modular synthesizer, video synthesizer.

For introductory oscilloscope and technique tutorials please enjoy Jerobeam Fenderson´s tutorial series. vV
This is awesome!
I just tried the reel with the ER-301 and an O'Tool scope and it works. Not quite as impressive as a real analog scope but impressive all the same.
This is ridiculously cool.

A pity vector rescanning isn't more popular for visuals work.
This looks fantastic. SlayerBadger! It’s a great time to snap up a nice old analog scope.
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