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Power supply startup problem - some modules not starting
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Author Power supply startup problem - some modules not starting
I have just added a Clouds and a Hermod to my eurorack system and I'm starting to have issues with those particular modules not starting when I power on the system.

I have a 3amp 12V AC power supply plugged into my modular, through a switch and then into 2 Frequency Central power supply circuits which feed each row. If I have the Hermod and the Clouds (both digital modules) on the same bus then the clouds will literally not boot, although if I remove the power cable and plug it back in it will suddenly work.

I switched the Clouds to a different bus and now when I first turn the system on either the Clouds or the Hermod will randomly fail to boot. If I turn the whole system off and back on again it will then work perfectly. Once the modules are up and running there are no issues.

It seems to me like my power supply can't cope with all of the modules turning on at the same time. I'm not exactly an expert in electronics but I'm guessing it must be something to do with either some capacitors filling up somewhere (either on the power supply or the modules) or maybe the voltage regulator overheating.

My question is what can I do to solve this problem? My PSU clearly can provide enough power to run everything, it just struggles to start everything at once.

Do I need a new power supply?

Another thing that's worth noting is that I used to have my Behringer Neutron in my rack and it would literally take 5 minutes to start up and tune the oscillators so I took it back out again.

Here is my current setup:
What is the manufacture of your PSU??? Did you build the Frequency Central items yourself and only asking because maybe it's a DIY troubleshoot issue.
I built the PSU myself. I doubt there is a problem with the PSU because it's a very simple circuit and if there was a problem it probably wouldn't work at all.

It's basically just a rectifier, some capacitors and voltage regulators.
Actually I think I've figured it out:

Power Consumption: 1165 mA +12V | 396 mA -12V | 0 mA 5V

I have 2 PSU circuits, each rated at ~500mA for a total of about 1A. My modules are drawing 1.6A.


I've ordered the bits to build another 3 PSU boards! I will install another 2 in my case for a total of 2A and keep one on my desktop for testing.
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