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Moog guitar?!
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Author Moog guitar?!
dumpster score
Has anyone else heard about this. Maybe I'm just dumb and missed the boat, but I got a catalog yesterday that had one it and I was like wtf!
I seems to have a built in ladder filter, and do a lot of weird things with sustain and auto-palm muting (!). It seems pretty cool, but It's ugly (for my tastes) and I wonder if you wouldn't be better off with a $75 pawn shop guitar and a couple moog pedals? Maybe I'm just ghetto like that. Still it seems to be a very cool all in one instrument.

edit.. sorry i totally missed the thead below somehow. please feel free to delete this one.
I love the technology, but I could never afford it. The appearance seems to be universally despised. There has been some talk of lower cost models, but it will still be a few thousand. I'm actually much more interested in fading between the different pickups than using the filter. I'll probably just get an e-bow and do it one string at a time. If I was fabulously wealthy, it would sit next to my Buchla and my Fucking Fucker.
Were you referring to my mini-review?

Paul Vo Moog
I got to play one today finally and was flabbergasted. The way the strings could resonate forever or not at all was just shocking to me - to actually feel physical changes going on with the string which were being caused by whatever the hell it is inside the thing that does it - I really can't describe how strange of a sensation it was. Especially the auto-muting if that's what it's called, feeling the strings kind of zzzzbt stop vibrating for kind of short envelope thing - psychologically strange and very cool. The filter in it is nice, but seems almost like a gimmicky afterthought compared to the whole control over string resonance thing.
Not going to run out and buy one, that's for sure; I'd have a big buchla system and an old neve console way before even considering something like this if I had that kind of money, but I sure hope that the technology that makes what I experienced today can be made more sane someday.
It's a neat thing, feels like you're standing in front of a HUGE amp feeding back the way the strings resonate but without the amp. I like the deadening part better actually. It would be cool if there was a bipolar foot pedal to go smoothly between dampening and resonating. But that's a hell of a price for something I don't think I'd use too much.
I went on the factory tour only a week after they announced it and I had about an hours playtime hyper
The one I played was dedicated demo and had some nasty resonances from the neck. I was overall impressed with the sustain mode it reminds me of Spinal Tap and can imagine myself going to make a sandwich and the thing would still be sustaining! As well as everyone else I don't really like the look but my taste is pawn shop guitars.
I think I will eventually get one but there is just soooo much before it on the shopping list. thumbs up
Man I wish the moog guitar was cheaper. It has some really great
I love this thing too (intellectually, not walletwise). I even like the way it looks. But I umm, have guitars. I even have a Fernandes Sustainer pickup. So I just need more synthesizers now. wink
speaking of guitars....The Adrian Belew Signature Fly Electric Guitar—
The Sustainiac pickup in the neck position serves up an amazing array of liquid tones when the guitar is in Sustainiac Mode. When the tone control is turned fully clockwise it activates an octave-up Sustainiac setting.

A DiMarzio humbucking pickup in the bridge position gives you all the great tones of a traditional guitar. The RMC piezo system in the bridge saddles offers lush acoustic guitar tones.

The built-in Line 6 Variax System puts 25 different guitar models at your command. The Variax offers 5 categories, each with 5 different sounds triggered by a 5-way slide switch, plus 10 custom user-defined presets.

This Parker guitar can also drive any MIDI controller with its 13-pin output giving you access to the world of guitar synths.

Parker has spent 25 years correcting all the things that are inherently flawed in traditionally made electric guitars. The headstock with all unnecessary material removed has less weight and improved tone resonance. The exoskeleton crafted from carbon, glass, and epoxy is actually baked into the neck wood to increasing strength and stability and create a guitar that will never lose its perfect intonation.

The Parker Adrian Belew Signature Guitar's fingerboard is also made of carbon, glass and epoxy that eliminates dead spots and is impervious to the effects of temperature and humidity. The signature Belew guitar's stainless steel frets will never wear out or need to be replaced. The sculpted poplar body is extremely comfortable, highly resonant, and weighs only 4½ lb, making it easy on your shoulder during long sets.

The Parker flat-spring vibrato system is completely consistent and stable, assuring that your guitar stays in tune whether you're bending or dive-bombing like a demon. Sperzel Trim-Lok tuners make changing strings a breeze and ensure your tuning is dead-on and stays that way.

Parker Guitars Adrian Belew Signature Fly Electric Guitar Features:
Extremely lightweight, (4-1/2 lb.)
Poplar body
Basswood neck
25.5" scale length
Carbon/glass/epoxy exoskeleton on the back, neck, and headstock
Carbon/glass/epoxy fingerboard with 24 stainless-steel frets
DiMarzio humbucker (bridge)
Sustainiac humbucker (neck)
RMC piezo saddle pickup
Line 6 Variax system
On/off switch engages the battery
Master Volume, Tone and the chrome push/pull knob activates Variax modeling system
50 presets plus ten user locations
MIDI-capable with a 13-pin MIDI out
Parker flat-spring vibrato system
Sperzel Trim-Lok tuners
Parker Guitars Adrian Belew Signature Fly Electric Guitar Specifications:
5-way Pickup switching:
Position 1 (back) - bridge pickup
Position 2 - bridge pickup and Piezo acoustic pickup
Position 3 (middle) – Piezo acoustic pickup
Position 4 - neck pickup and Piezo acoustic pickup
Position 5 (front) – neck pickup
And you can buy how many moog guitars for the price of one of the Adrian Belew guitars?
pristak wrote:
And you can buy how many moog guitars for the price of one of the Adrian Belew guitars?

which was a better deal or cheaper, my dear.
only that there are 2 really cool instruments
that are relatively new and available. d'oh!
pristak wrote:
And you can buy how many moog guitars for the price of one of the Adrian Belew guitars?

Over in these parts, there is a 2000€ difference between the two guitars with the Parker/Belew joint being the more expensive. A fella can't even buy one of the cheaper Moog joints for 2 large.
seriously, i just don't get it

of coarse , yes , absolutely, why didn't I think of that hmmm.....
Why not get a Line 6 if you want a Line 6? I've never played one, but they must have a midrange model that isn't setup too badly, right?
slovo wrote:
Why not get a Line 6 if you want a Line 6? I've never played one, but they must have a midrange model that isn't setup too badly, right?

when line 6 was just starting variax sales line 6 made a model that was selling for a street price of around $400.00 USD, with exactly the same components as the most expensive variax in the line, I bought one .
It would be very cool to have a midi/varax / strat-o-pauler all in one instrument.

back to the actual topic of this tread the moogy-axe the quality of a controller with strings has always been an issue, tracking delayed signal, bends if moog has really solved these issue as some have testified I say great , super . applause Rockin' Banana! nanners
Bumping this thread to share this: recent-trade-of

I happened to discover this through Twitter today, most interesting Moog guitar demo audio I've heard. Thought some folk here might like it.
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